The Mastery of Suromurchhana Harmoniums


The role of a good harmonium in shaping a music student’s mastery of notes is critical to the successful journey from a student to a musician. Our Suromurchhana system of musical training emphasizes the purity and perfection of notes as is expected in the Kirana gharana tradition. In order to facilitate the student becoming an accomplished musician, we recognize that your music guru is not always with you. The harmonium serves as your guide on your musical notes with the intent of always having a high quality music session either in practice (riyaz) or in casual singing. This is our guiding light behind creating hand-crafted, hand-tuned harmoniums produced by master craftsmen. 

Why Suromurchhana harmoniums:

- Suromurchhana harmoniums are crafted by master craftsmen from India.

- Every craftsman has been proven and accomplished in the musical world with a minimum of 30 years of experience.

- Every harmonium is field tested by professional musicians and re-tuned to perfection before it is delivered to the buyer. 

- We do not sell off-the-shelf harmoniums. Every harmonium is custom made to order and it takes 3-4 months for the harmonium to be delivered. Every harmonium is a collector’s item in addition to being an excellent musical guide.

- The cost of the harmonium is US $ 1,400 which includes a fiber glass case suitable for travel.


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Raga Bihag